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The memories of me will seem more like bad dreams [entries|friends|calendar]

My heart is darker than these oceans, My heart is frozen underneath. We are crooked souls trying to stay up straight, dry eyes in the pouring rain, well the shadow proves the sunshine. To scared that I'll run always. Hold fast to the break of day light were, the shadow proves the sunshine.

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[Wed/Oct/2006 at 5:56pm]
An update! A real one!! With more than one sentence!!!

My birthday is Friday :D
I'll be 21 and i'll be spending it with the people I love most.
You bitches know who you are.

Friday is Colliseum :D :D :D :D :D
Saturday hotel partayy
Sunday wake up, check out, and spend the day at the beachh.
It's going to be great, I just know it.

These past few weeks have been memorable to say the least.
I have had more fun than should ever be allowed.
I love everyone that has made it possible<3

I have rekindled lost friendships, strengthened old ones, and made new ones.
And it's all I need. Life can't get any better than this.
I'm happy, i'm always smiling and I feel lighter.
I live day to day like i'm floating. And I am.
050 break of daylight.

[Thu/Oct/2006 at 7:48pm]
Friends only from now on.
Well, not completely.
It's gonna 75% public; 25% private.
break of daylight.

[Wed/Oct/2006 at 8:45pm]
I have butterflies.
010 break of daylight.

[Mon/Oct/2006 at 7:40pm]
So, call me stupid, retarded, and unrealistic...
But i'm excited about this one. I really am.
I feel like a 12 year old. I'm giddy and smiley all day.
GAHHHHH. This is crazy. I'm crazy. Life is crazy.
I didn't want this, it just fell in my lap...
But who am I to fight it?

In other news...
I went to the gay beach with Bobby Joe yesterday.
I want to live there for the rest of my LIFE!
030 break of daylight.

[Thu/Sep/2006 at 10:12pm]
Has anyone seen the new iPods?!
Guess who's getting one!??!
Yeahhhh bitches.
060 break of daylight.

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